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My Little Book of Manatees

My Little Book of Manatees, illustrated by Stephanie Mirocha, has just been released by Windward Publishing in MY LITTLE BOOKS COLLECTION.

Hope visits Avis Kindergarten.

Watch the slide show as the children
• meet her dog
• listen to her read
• close their eyes for a surprise
• pet the manatee and receive an autographed book
• share their drawings
• enjoy an ice cream treat, courtesy of the PTO.

(Slide show will "pause" on mouseover.)


Stephanie Mirocha creates an
illustration for Hope's book.

At birth manatees weigh about sixty pounds.

An adult manatee eats one hundred pounds
of plants each day.

Create a 3D Manatee Craft Project
(Suitable for 3rd graders and up)
Click Here


Buy both the book and a hand puppet!


Merlin is my adopted manatee



What reviewers are saying about this book:

My Little Book of Manatees
By: Hope Irvin Marston
Illustrated by: Stephanie Mirocha
Published by: Windward Publishing (imprint of Finney Company), 2007
ISBN: 0893170658
Ages: 4 to 8
Reviewed by: Stories for Children Magazine editor, VS Grenier

This delightful picture book takes children into the deep river waters of Florida where they meet Mama Manatee and her new baby.  As Mama and her baby swim through the waters, children learn that a baby Manatee breathes air just like us, looks like a sausage when he’s born, and his tail is flat.  Mama Manatee teachers her baby how to survive in their underwater home by showing her baby how to catch food, hide from enemies, and where to go when the waters turn cold.

Hope Irvin Marston has done a wonderful job painting the underwater world of the Manatee with her words.  Children will love wiggling their flippers with baby Manatee, flipping upside down, twisting, and swimming in his underwater world.  Marston also teaches children about the Manatee’s life—what they look like, how the sound, breathe, what they eat, where they live, how they find food, and so much more.

The illustrations by Stephanie Mirocha will captivate the imagination of little ones.  The colors are subtle and realistic to the underwater world in which the Manatees live in.

This book is part of the My Little Book series and is one your children will want to read over and over again.

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  • My Little Book of Burrowing Owls

  • My Little Book of Painted Turtles

  • My Little Book of River Otters

  • My Little Book of Timber Wolves

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