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Fan Mail

Letters from old and new friends…

"So proud and honored to have my picture taken with you.  I can not wait for my children to come for Thanksgiving and show them.  They will be in awe.  They loved your books as children and love them even more because now they read them to their children.  And so, we can now put a face to the author.  Thank you once again.  Oh!  Powder Monkey, awesome."

— Michele L. Buckingham

"I am an elementary school educator in a small town in Colorado and I have a classroom with children from 3rd to 5th grade.  They love books and we have been working on personal-narratives and non-fiction.  I introduced them to your excellent historical non-fiction book and they were thrilled.  These are comments from three of my most "critical" readers."

— Marjorie H.

"I think Sacket's Harbor Powder Monkey is very interesting.  I like history books and I never heard about this story so I feel that is special to read it and give my opinion. I t taught me a lot about that part of American history and I really liked the boy who became the powder monkey.  There was a little danger but it was fun to read anyway."

— Aleah (grade 4)

"I read the whole book and that made me feel good.  I want my teacher to bring us more books about kids that did dangerous jobs like the Powder Monkey.  And it was about a true war that happened.  It is cool that it's true."

Joey (grade 4)

"Sacket's Harbor Powder Monkey is fun to read even though it is a non-fiction book.  It wasn't boring and I read the whole book after school and then I brought it back the next day.  It taught me many new things about the time period and I think it's interesting about how people did things in old times.  I liked it."

Amanda (grade 5)

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading, “Eye on the Iditarod…Aisling’s Quest”.  My son is an English professor and writer so I admire the time, effort and talent that go into writing and publishing a book.

Young Aisling is quite an inspiration to young and old alike!  Learning about the world of mushing was interesting.  I lived in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for 8 years but mushing wasn’t a winter sport that I heard much about at the time I lived there.  I hope to hear that Aisling will someday run (and win) the Iditarod…then you can write the sequel to her quest!"

— Dana W. (Kentucky)
Administrative Secretary


"I liked your book about Bald Eagles.  Are you ever going to write any bug books?  I love bugs!"

— Brock H. (Missouri)
3rd grade


"Your books rock my socks.  They are caring, awesome, sweet, loving and beautiful."

— Kendra (New York)
3rd Grade

"Today my students were still reflecting on the special experience they had last Thursday when you visited our class.  None of us really wanted to move on.  We just wanted to hold on to the positive, passionate aura that radiated from your presentation.  You really inspired everyone!

Thank you, thank you, thank you."  – Sandy

— Sandy C. Chadwick, Ed.D.
Coordinator - Graduate Childhood Education
Potsdam University (New York)

"Thank you for making a special day at the Wild Center even more special.  This was my first encounter with your books and they are absolutely fabulous.  My 18-month old and I had a wonderful mother/daughter day together at the Otters’ Birthday Party.  Thanks for signing our book!  Even if my little girl won’t remember the fun-filled day we had together, she has a very special souvenir.  I hope to see you again and we will definitely be purchasing some more of your books.  Look forward to seeing the new bald eagle book coming out on the 4th of July.  Take Good Care."

— Shannon and Kaedance (New York)

"I just finished your book Against the Tide.  The ending was probably the best.  Let me rephrase that.  It was the best ending I have ever read.  I loved how you made Margaret stand right up to that soldier and tell him to let her go.  It really showed her courage."

— Alyssa K. (New York)
6th grade

"I just found a copy of your book Big Rigs in our local library and read it to my year-old son.  He really loves it.  He's obsessed with big machines of all types, and especially loves trucks.  Thanks for a great book!"

— Naomi M. (California)
Mother and volcanologist

"Thank you for coming to our school and reading to us.  I liked the painted turtles book because it had good facts and great pictures."

Tristen T.
3rd grade

"Do you plan to write more books?  I think you should.  I could read your books twenty-four hours straight."

Nathan F.
3rd grade

"Thank you for the set of animal books.  They have the nicest pictures I’ve ever seen in my life."

Kyra S.
2nd grade

"I love My Little Books.  You are the best author in the whole wide world.  I don’t have a favorite book.  I love them all."

Brittany P.
2nd grade

"We enjoyed all six animal books and my students are in love with your writing.  You now have your own author bin in our classroom.  We can’t wait for the arrival of Manatees."

Laurie E.

"Thank you for showing us Wings in the Water.  I never knew that manta rays could be so interesting.  When I saw how gigantic they really are, I was amazed!  I hope you get to go to Yap Island someday and see some real manta rays!"

Dan R.
6th grade

"I love Wings in the Water.  This book is the best book about sea creatures that I have ever read – and believe me I have read all of them!"

Jen A.
3rd grade

"I think your books are cute, like the one about the river otters."

Marisa E.
5th grade

"You are such a positive, uplifting speaker."

Mary Lou K.



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