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Against the Tide:
The Valor of Margaret Wilson

What reviewers are saying about this book:

Against the Tide: The Valor of Margaret Wilson
By: Hope Irvin Marston
Published by: P&R Publishing, 2007
ISBN: 9781596380615
Ages: 12 and up
Reviewed by: Stories for Children Magazine editor, VS Grenier

Against the Tide: The Valor of Margaret Wilson is part of the Chosen Daughters Series for young adult readers.  I feel this is a great crossover book for adults as well.  The story is based on the "Real" Margaret Wilson, who died for her beliefs and rebellion against King Charles II.  If youíre into historical fiction, then youíll love this book.  If youíve never read a historical fiction, then I highly recommend this book as your first.

Margaret Wilson is a blooming young lady in Seventeenth-century Scotland.  The English occupy and rule over the Scotsmen.  Itís a time of intolerance to faiths outside English beliefs.  The Covenanters of Scotland find themselves under cruel laws and demands of King Charles II.  Margaretís family is earnest in their desire to uphold their loyalty to their faith and to the King, believing itís the only way to keep their home safe from prosecution.

As a young Covenanter, Margaret is torn between her family and her conscious.  How can she willing comply to the Kingís demands for her absolute obedience if it goes against the covenants of her faith?  Margaret must choose between defying the authorities, following her fatherís guidance, and standing alone as a rebel Covenanter.  With hopes and fears, Margaret follows her heart in search of a future with happiness.

Hope Irvin Marston did a wonderful job bring the reader into the story of Margaret Wilson.  I felt I was back in Seventeenth-century Scotland from the very first paragraph.  I wept with Margaret and her family.  I shuddered when loved ones and friends were lost.  I smiled and took joy in the happy moments of Margaretís life and I felt torn between the decisions she had to make.

At the beginning and end of the book, Marston shares her journey to learn about Margaret Wilson, whom she spoke with, and what landmarks still stand today as a reminder of her story.  Many times I knew I lacked the courage this young woman had and I marveled at the in-depth research Hope Irvin Marston did to retell Margaretís story.



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